18.31.00 - Mark

Public schools are short sighted and inept, then theres the staff at those schools, who are even more short sighted and inept. Why do I bring this up yet again? Well because I got the results to one of those here's-where-you're-going-to-fit-in college matching tests that was recommended to all students at my high school (forced upon really) by a teacher who is aiming for some higher level of teaching degree, useless of course. Now keep in mind that I have looked at the US News best colleges lists and I know where the best EE/CS schools are. So back to these results, none of them aren't outside- at best- 400 to 500 miles of my high school, and one, only one of them is among the top 20 schools for EE/CS. I pity the suckers who don't realize how cheap that form really is/was.

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