I Came, I Saw, I Shopped

08.21.47 - Mark

Black Friday has come and gone for me. I went out about 4:30am this morning and made my way though walmart, staples, and Lowe's for a few deals. I didn't see any really impressive deals like last year. No $20 hard drives, crazy cheap portable DVD players, or anything exceptionally special. Well aside from the $100 TomToms and other cheap in car GPS navigation systems. If I had money I would have been very tempted to get one. Today's deals weren't a whole lot better than what some good internet shopping yields. Instead I got another (much needed) 500GB external hard drive ($80), a 4GB USB Drive ($18), a couple gift items, and a few DVDs. Nothing special or exceptionally cheap, but hard to beat deals. If you're fast like I am it's pretty easy to move though the crowds and get in and out quickly.

There is something to be said for going out at least half an hour early (as opposed to last year's "on time"). I could have picked up nearly anything I wanted at Walmart without too much fighting, and I was early enough in the Staples line to have had my pick of goodies.

My only real complaint this year is that some people are morally bankrupt at 6am. At staples there were some people who showed up at 5:50 then started acting like they had been standing in line since 5am (or earlier. I showed up at staples at 5:10 and there were a couple dozen people before me) not to mention people who were jumping the gates or trying to get a free upgrade on an already amazing deal.

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