23.34.59 - Mark

I figure its time for a semi-intellegent blog entry so here it is:

First I don't se why people insist on content being updated constantly, I mean come on no one makes a living off a single site, and even then its a huge task to come up with great content. I used to check Lowendmac.com daily, back when the content was still updated in mass, daily. Now I might check it once a week. Now the same sort of nagging is hitting Applefritter, again, because those of u who manage content in some extent have other aspects of our lives to deal with. Furthermore a forum is an entirely different beast, you have a constant flow of data and ideas, and its almost never the same from minute to minute. I'll admit some is OK, but theres still that bit on "does any one read this site?" I mean I get almost no email reguarding my ideas on this site, not that I want a lot and not that I don't know that anyone comes here, I know that people do because I have 1,400+ pages served to 600+ visitors (granted many are repeats). I know this is a bit onto the ego side but hey, if you like what I have and don't tell me how do I know to add more of what you like? That said there will be a good sized site update since I have touched the main pages in weeks, blus I notice that even the blog template needs some helping.

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