The price of gas is the price of gas

16.55.10 - Mark

I'm sick and tired of people bitching, moaning, and calling for political action over the price of gas. Yes, Gas prices are approaching $4 a gallon, but honestly what can you do about it? What the hell is the US Government going to do that doesn't take us several steps closer to socialism?

If you need the gas you buy it, if you don't want to buy it live without it. It's basic capitalism, which last I checked was part of the reason our government was dicking around in the middle east. I've been filling up my Honda '91 (which only gets about 24miles to the gallon) about once a month. Instead of driving everywhere I ride share, ride a bike, or even walk. If there was such a thing locally I'd consider using mass transit. Gasoline for your car is not an absolute essential, so stop treating it like it is.

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