10.27.57 - Mark

I've been trying to figure out what exactly I want to say about Tim O'Reilly's proposed Blogger Code of Conduct. Others have posted on the issue and looked at the proposed code in more detail than I will.

That said, this post has gone from it's a bad idea, to it won't work, and now to I don't really give a damn. This isn't something I'll be joining up with because I don't see any of the problems that this claims to be a solution for. I've had anonymous commenters I've disagreed with, trolls I've been tempted to delete, arguments and embarrassing things go public. I've never deleted a post I've made, and I've only deleted two non-spam comments intentionally, and even then I wouldn't make the same decision today since they were rooted in a misunderstanding rather than problematic. All in all I've broken nearly every one of the proposed codes of conduct in one way or another, from posting copyrighted material (if you can find it) to not requiring email addresses from commenters.

The only thing I can say about my blog is that it's mine and I'm responsible for it. I don't need to sign a pledge for that to be true.

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