Shutdown Day

18.02.15 - Mark

There's a campaign to get thousands of people to shutdown their computers on March 24th. (They're up to 43000 with a week and a half left) The first time I saw it was a few weeks ago, and I initially blew it off as a bunch of geeks daring each other to drop their tech addiction for a day. I don't think I've had to go without a working computer for more than a few hours in years, but I don't find it hard to turn off for a day or sometimes a week. In fact, every few months I find it necessary to get away from computers and recharge my own batteries, which after looking at the Shutdown Day site seems to be the whole point. I already know its going to be extremely easy to not use a computer on the 24th (CRK staff weekend) but I don't know that I'll make a pledge not to. Still, its a more worthwhile cause than I originally thought.

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