18.06.21 - Mark

For a mere 5% market share, and not all of them using the store, Apple isn't doing too bad

[rambling mathematician]
Based on the numbers from a week ago (270,000 songs and a profit of $100,000) and todays sale numbers (1,000,000) we can figure out that Apple is making somewhere around .36 cents a song (rounded down to nearest cent). Take that profit per download (PPD) times todays sale number and you've got a profit somewhere around $360,000. Now we take 1 Million again and divide by 168 (hours in a week) to get about 6000 downloads an hour, times the PPD and Apples making about 2160 dollars an hour with the store alone, I can't even factor in how much Apple is making from iPod sales. Now for even more fun thats add into the equation that This is only 5% of the market share, and assume that other non windows systems number around 3%. Adding in that 92% and assuming everything scales the same Apple could stand to make, if my numbers are correct, $3,312,000 in a week of Apple Music Store for Windows. OTOH, windows users are for the most part l33t w@R3z d00dZ and most probably won't pay for the music.
[/rambling mathematician]

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