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01.46.38 - Mark

Several months there was an online effort to "free" all of the public domain maps published by the USGS called the "Libre Map Project". They solicited donations to purchase an entire set of USGS maps and then publish them on Archive.org. I tried donating a few dollars but paypal fucked up the transfer, which by the time I was sure was voided, the project goal had been reached. Non-the-less all of the maps have since been uploaded to the internet archive. This is a great resource on its own, but the Libre Map project site has a great search tool that makes downloading the relevant maps insanely easy.

Stuff like this makes me thankful for public domain and Creative commons licensed media. The government would never build a tool similar to what the Libre Map Project has produced.

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ME - 01:29:00 / 2006.12.24 #

Merry Christmas!

ME - 01:30:00 / 2006.12.24 #

Looks like you've got some spam.

Mark - 01:46:00 / 2006.12.24 #

I've got a lot of spam (over 150 spam comments_bk yesterday alone). Deleting it takes too much time and effort the way I have it set up now - so its going to be around until I rework the commenting system. But happy holidays to you too.

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