21.25.14 - Mark

Another [i]long, long[/i] day, and I didn't even start until noon. Too much moving, too little stuff being unpacked. So far I've moved all of a mostly filled 20x20x20 storage unit (a good deal more than a 2 car garage) and so far I only know a few of my old computers are. None of the 610s are to be seen, the 7100 is awol as is a IIci a couple IIsis, a couple Pluses, a IIgs, a few printers, a couple moitors, and a number of other systems. My hands are killing me since I moved so many boxes. Plus I still need to continue a paper I wrote a couple weeks ago, at least most of it is hack and pray.

Speaking of hacks, I finaly got the Power Matrix Reassembled, took a little lateral thinking and some crazy glue but I got it. I'll take some final photos when I get a chance (maybe after I work on that paper) and get the film developed. It won't have the Green backlighting yet but better than nothing. Its kinda cool looking at it now because the green grid isn't always viewable, but head on it looks sweet.

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