Five Years in waiting

01.51.38 - Mark

Five years ago when Apple released the first iPods and I was still really active with Applefritter I remember the first comments being about how fast it would be hacked, and I was personally itching for someone to do a clear iPod mod. At the time, I had a wicked obsession with Apple's design, from the box you get it in to the parts you probably should never see (like the smiley face on the bottom of the 7200 motherboards). I also liked clear cases. To a lesser extent both are still true today.

Unfortunatly, the clear case mod idea was shot down pretty quickly when I was in a chat room while someone else was doing a live discetion/review of their brand new First gen and commented on how the white portion was molded into the clear outer plastics. At least, it was until today.

iPodmods.com has made an announcement that it will be selling Clear front panels for iPods. 4G, nanos and video iPods are first up. I won't be modding the video I own (not yet at least) but my existing 4th gen actually needs a new front panel (at least I think that's whats broken this time) so I may be jumping all over this in a few weeks.

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