Good Afternoon

22.42.58 - Mark

I love early fall. When the weather is good, there's a contrast between the deep blue of a cloudless sky contrasting the crisp browns, reds, yellows, and lingering greens that is so much more satisfying than winter, spring or summer days. Today, without question was one of those ideal fall days.

This afternoon I managed to drag myself out of the house to help a friend fix a computer but, selfservingly used it as an excuse to run down to Yadkinville for a round of disc golf. It was good to play a round after having my discs sit around doing nothing for over a month. While there aren't that many well developed parks in the area the Yadkin park was pretty nice, and had a nice course layout. Unfortunatly I don't know what par was, but I' sure I didn't come very close (65-ish)

Finally, I just got out and drove. I'm far from being a motorhead, but it's hard to deny that cruising around North Carolina's backroads isn't a pleasure all its own. Smooth roads bending around the hills painted by autumn is almost breath taking. Add some good tunes and life is simply put, very satisfying.

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