12.03.21 - Mark

Also you know how I was going to get a wireless router 5 months ago, well this move is going to make sure of it (and not by my own doing, its amazing how useful brothers can be when pointed in the right direction) And aside from the obvious negitive (took too frelling long) there are many positives to outweight the wait. First off is more networking gear. Second a mostly empty house to install the back bones of the hard wired network. Third is I should have the materials to distripte it over 3 mediums, Serial Appletalk (68ks), 10/100 baset Ethernet, third 802.11g wireless networking.

Yes you read correctly 802.11g, aka Airport Extreme, aka Wireless-G, aka Xtreme G. 54Mbps of wireless speed. Not that my network will ever achieve that but hey I like the occasional bragging rights. Now if the parents will keep to that...

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