I Hate Columbus Day

15.28.41 - Mark

While I'm not going to say that Columbus Day is the stupidest holiday to be recognized in the United States. It is unquestionably the stupidest holiday celebrated in the US.

Only an entity as severly messed up as the United States Bureaucracy would take a day off to honor a genocidal tyrant and religious fanatic.

Banks are closed and mail won't be delievered because some european with particularly good marketing set foot on a carribean island - whose population would soon be killed or enslaved.

Of coruse today isn't just Columbus Day, apparently it's also Leif Erikson Day (with it's own Presidential Proclamation)

What a weird world we live in...

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bob - 09:51:04 / 2007.10.11 #

i hate Columbus

bobby - 09:51:46 / 2007.10.11 #

Columbus is so sexy

timmy - 09:52:30 / 2007.10.11 #

I love you megan

sussy - 09:55:28 / 2007.10.11 #

columbus is so gay i hate him

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