Gotta get out of this place....

13.43.53 - Mark

My dad and I took my younger brother to his (real) college this past weekend. Its in Savannah Georgia which is a pretty area (despite the tourism catering kitsch) Matt is probably going to do fine. His school seems like a real place, and on the surface it was a sore reminder of how there is such a thing as a good, progressive learning enviroment. I don't think I ever forgot that fact but going to HSU has certainly pushed it out of the picture. Right now I'm sitting in an advanced graphics course that may - if all goes well - actually open a graphics editing program sometime before October. In the meantime we've spent 8 of our 32 total meetings screwing around in dreamweaver for some bizare and unexplained reason, and the teacher is pushing some half baked make millions with ebay semminar the school is running.

You know, I may not know what I'll be doing in 3 months, but I'll be happy to have that uncertainty than continue to loaf around here

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