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14.12.51 - Mark

I was stupid enough to have several people take photos of me this week at Raven Knob, and unlike 99.99% of all pictures of me, I don't entirely hate these. So lets see...

Some one trusted me with a black powder rifle Wednesday. If nothing else camp has significantly changed my views on gun laws.

Shooting a Blackpower Rifle

Thursday some of the staff members took a camp truck on some of the dirt trails. I'm not big on motor sports, but the occassional offroad excursion is a treat (and is probably one of the only times I'll admit I probably shouldn't be driving)


Last one isn't of me, but it shows you how stunningly beautiful my workplace is. (Camp's dining hall right after a massive thunderstorm blew though Wednesday night)

Dining Hall after a thunderstorm

Of course, I've been putting up other photos from camp here

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Jered Gebel - 09:33:00 / 2006.07.03 #

Hey Mark, this is Jered, how's it going? Looks like you had fun shooting that rifle. Tell Mike Eleazer that I said hi, cya Jered

Mark W - 17:18:00 / 2006.07.04 #

I did have fun shooting that rifle. Planning on going out to do it again this week if I get a chance ;) Mike was there too but I'm not defacing my website with his mug, but I'll make sure to say hi. You coming up this year at all?

BradG - 20:17:00 / 2006.08.24 #

Oh, how I miss the welcome Wednesday downpours and the day-by-day nature of camp. It's true, I miss camping in general, but I even miss summer camp at Raven Knob in specific. Always a great time. How have the renovations on the old mess hall gone? Last time I was there (over a year ago now) they were just starting electrical refitting after ripping everything out.

Mark W - 23:31:00 / 2006.08.24 #

It's too much like classrooms now, and they stole the (little) air conditioning it had before the renovations. However the new scoutmaster lounge and wifi certainly are nice.

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