Introducing the iClamp

03.06.46 - Mark

My iBook, which has been out of service since the beginning of March has been kind of, maybe been fixed with a standard $2 woodworking C-clamp.

Not some Apple tech support guy, the issue was not resolved in store, or by calling Apple's technical support line. It wasn't fixed by using some specilized soldering station, not the replacement of a $300 motherboard. No a fucking C-clamp and a little padding. Un. Fucking. Believable.

iBook G4 fixed with a C-Clamp

The idea came from checking a blog post at the-set.com, where a bunch of iBook owners in the same situation have congragated, and where one commenter "fixed" his iBook with a clamp.

I want to know what the hell happened to Apple's quality control department. I've been fed all sorts of bullshit lines from how I spilled a liquid onto my laptop to completly unable to help. I was upset before. Now I'm fucking pissed.

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laura - 16:21:31 / 2009.03.24 #

ive just aquired an iclamp, it came from a very ordinary ibook purchased from good old ebay, 9 months later it spaned into the iclamp, u any idea if thi is a permanent feature on my laptop or will that eventually die cos of the clamp? i guess by now youve bought a new one.

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