Rainy Day

09.09.10 - Mark

It's raining today. Not the torrential downfalls of water that makes moving outside similar to walking though a solid brick wall, but one of those days where the sky is a light grey and there are drops of water coming out of the sky like a lawn spinkler. I think it's a comfortable cool and making my 20 minute commute was like driving though a series of stunning paintings.

The horizon was a washed out water color as patches of blue and yellow peaked out though the grey in the east. The sky was darker to the south, more like an oil painting, and complimented by the occassional bits of lightning. Lower to the ground my eyes were treated to a mixure of trees with brown leaves that never quite fell down last fall, intermixed with the trees that have not only budded, but trived during the warm march we've been having, and all of them contrasting with the vivid spring grass that has already taken root in the fields

Doesn't hurt that daylight savings time made my commute an hour closer to sunrise, which always add an extra element of beauty. Foolishly I didn't bother pointing a camera out the window (not that I could have edited it easily if I had), but you can get an idea of how beautiful my commutes can be from watching Leaves, which I shot along the same route. Not that any quality of camera and screen could possibly instill the same feeling of beauty. While I might hate wasting time and natural resources for my commute, somedays its worth it just for the scenery.

All of this makes me wonder why everyone seems to complain about the slightest bits of "unpleasant" weather. Its a beautiful thing that should be enjoyed - life is boring if its lived in a climate controlled zone where its 20% cloudy and 67 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit. If its raining turn on some light jazz and just soak it all in.

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