Dueling Platforms

09.01.30 - Mark

Someone has figured out how to duel boot a MacBookPro (I still think it's a silly name) with OS X and Windows XP. They also piecked up $14,000 for the work. link

If Apple releases a 12" Intel 'book of any variety before I fix my iBook, I'll be giving some serious thought into moving up to a new system rather than a repair.

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Jered - 13:05:00 / 2006.03.24 #

Hey Mark, This is Jered from summer camp '04. I worked on the shotgun range and was really annoying :-)

I just stumbled across your blog and saw this post. One thing about the dual boot is that it is only a very basic version of XP (no drivers) just FYI


Mark - 20:05:00 / 2006.03.24 #

Hey, Jered.

That might be the case now, but getting it to boot was the hard part. Now that that's been accomplished and a project established, community built drivers and better documentation aren't far away. The Open Source Movement is a great thing.

Besides, you've not going to need to extract every bit of functionality out of Windows (not there's that much to begin with) when you're only a few key strokes away from booting into OS X.

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