Fun with Loose Change Pt. 1

16.59.33 - Mark

I was taking a quick look at Boing Boing this morning during class and noticed building bridges with pennies (and the Boing Boing Link). I was a) bored b) looking for something to do a time lapse video of and c) holding on to a few dollars worth of pennies for no reason other than to have a cup full of loose change. So mix in a little time and a steady hand and about 160 some pennies latter you get Pennies. (150kb 320x240 Quicktime)

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I would have done some more with it but my camera battery died and while it was recharging someone bumped into the table something fierce and knocked it over. I like the idea of small time lapse type videos so I'll probably do another on at some point.

Just as a side note for anyone getting my videos though RSS, the markw.us/rss feed does not currently support enclosures, it's main purpose is to provide the source for the feedburner feed (which does provide enclosures). Unlike some 'casters I don't have preference for which feed you use, but just be aware that RSS enclosures in the on-site feed will be added on a when-it-happens basis.

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