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Thats the same fucking idea I've been working on slowly (stupid, stupid stuipid stupid) over the last few months. Except they've got capital for who knows how many people and regions. I mean like all products there's a downfall, and I think NewsVine's might be in commercial/sponcered/paid content (how unbiased can you be if you're getting VC and brain trust from ABC's and Fox's?) Plus commercial ventures with community tend to be miserable failures. Has anyone successfully launched a community (as opposed to build)

Maybe there's some hope for an independent, but they've got full time developers, a pool of content producers and $5million that I don't.


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Dave - 15:06:00 / 2005.11.14 #

Mark, do it anyway and do it better. I've seen lots of companies with lots of resources do something not as well as an individual or two. Continue forward if you really are passionate. Just do it, watch what they do and do it even better and faster.

Mark - 15:59:00 / 2005.11.14 #

Vocalizing frustration.

Too many projects, too many competitors, Too little time/experience.

Too many reasons to stop procrastinating and get back to work. :)

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