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I really need to stop committing money to BadBuy. Some of their prices on stuff I want have been amazing ($100 for an Apple iSight, $15 for Tripping the Rift Season 1) so I've been happy to send in an order, but grrr, they Backorder e v e r y t h i n g. I think it's their way of weasiling out of popular deals. I'll retract some of this statement if my currently backordered item ships in a timely manner (ie doesn't take them two whole months to tell m e they're not honoring their deal). Guess I can't complain too much because this order isn't costing me anything (gift card). Still why they hell can't they manage orders in a timely manner?

Amazon is a hell of a lot better. A few weeks ago I ordered a backorded item from them, expecting it to ship sometime this week, and they managed to get it out last week. I'll have that item by the time it was suppsoed to ship.

Amazon Good, Best Buy Bad, Mark Stupid (for committing funds, however free, to BestBuy).

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somenoise - 14:29:00 / 2005.11.11 #

Nice :)

I love Tripping The Rift!!
The Season 1, which just came out on dvd, is awesome!! The mix of sci-fi and comedy is very creative.!
This DVD is probably one of the best things that I've bought this year :)

Mark - 14:45:00 / 2005.11.11 #

I've been a fan of Tripping since I saw the original short film on scifi a few years ago (I miss exposure), and absolutely loved Season 1. Season 2 was still pretty good but I liked the old voice for Six. I really wish Scifi would air old episodes more.

Unfortunately I'm still waiting on my Season 1 DVDs from Worst Buy. 1 to 2 week backorder my ass

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