Paper or Plastic

17.56.00 - Mark

I just had to run out and collect a dozen eggs from the store. One (1) single item, that probably shouldn't cause a fuss. Only, somehow, it was an ideal example of total waste. It took two (2) clerks to ring up that one (1) item, and then ask what I wanted "paper or plastic". Huh? I was only picking up one item, one single, easily grip-able item that I was carrying with one (1) hand and exactly zero (0) shopping carts. If I walked up with it in one hand, why on earth do I need a (1) bag? Of corse in this sloth ridden, gas guzzling, completely wasteful society known as America this logic managed to escape those two (2) clerks, who on hearing that "I don't need a bag" each produced nice confused looks (2). Eventually they figured out what they're supposed to do when the customer doesn't want a bag, but some on what type of insane logic dictates that you need a bag for a single (1) item? Its almost as annoying as when they throw a gallon of milk into a bag I mean, come on, there's a handle BUILT IN.

Stupid, Mindless, Wasteful Americans.

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