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17.07.00 - Mark

Like nearly every alpha geek who has latched on to podcasting / vlogging, I love Rocketboom, I really love some of the crazier things they end up doing on Fridays. I've heard that they would love to not be the only regular show, well now they're not. Channel Frederator has piecked up on regular video content. I just watched the first show and it combined the best of Adult Swim with some excellent (and some not so good) cartoon shorts, ie Pixar-like animated shorts and Flash based cartoons that struck me as a remix of Rocky And Bullwincle's accidental heros and Wile E Coyote's rampant persistence and self-endangerment done by a host of animation veteran's (how can you not like it?) The not so good ones may have had a funny story to them, the first seemed like it could have been a Dogbert back story while the next to last lacked the full bodied story that makes great animation into a great cartoon. Fortunately they've implemented a voting system on the site to help them pick better animations, but the whole shebang, is crammed into 60MB movie file and placed nicely into a little RSS enclosure that downloads the clip for on-my-own-time viewing enjoyment.

I'm hooked, and if they keep up a better than 50% bating average, I may just add them to my short list of people deserving of money.

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