Must have missed the memo

13.30.00 - Mark

I've had an idea for a collaborative news site that takes the elements of print media, blogs, and wikis that help filter echos on the web. I really started working on it in August but the whole moth of September threw me off. I'm back to working on my new system, due in no small part to things I was hearing up to during and after Converge South, stuff about tools, networks, and blogs. Something else I heard at Converge was Memorandum. I don't think I wrote it down, or if I did I know I didn't check it out promptly because it took a Wired Article to bring it back to my attention. It looks like it's a system that tracks the swarms around the latest story. I'm not sure if I want to embrace it as another Google News or Technorati, or if I want to curse passionately at it for beating me to part of the system I'm working on.

I'm leaning more towards embrace but I'll probably curse about it some regardless. Their system is all about algorithms. Which for the technically inclined is good. Everyone else tho...

I think there will still be room for my system, albeit, a slightly diminished one. Automated systems are great for collecting the news every 5 minutes, but there's a lot more to news coverage than simply spitting out what's changed in the last 3 minutes, and thats something is a processes computer scientists have yet to figure out.

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