Apple Counting Problem

17.23.00 - Mark

I'm pretty steamed with Apple right now. I have a non-functional iPod shuffle on my hands, have for a week or so but I'm only now getting around to pestering Apple. I was motivated to get around to it because last night while trying to fix it, my iTunes Library did a vanishing act. Rather it became corrupted, and while the XML version of my library made it easy rebuild, it was a frustration I didn't need. So first I tried the online service request, entered all the info it wanted and after writing up the problem it comes up - "OUT OF WARRANTY". Maybe the 90 day warranty as I didn't get it from an Apple dealer, but it is certainly within the 1 Year Limited Warranty, and I can prove it. iPod Shuffles were released in January, about 9 months ago.

How can a product that has only existed for 9 months be outside of a 1 year warranty?!?!

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