Things to do

11.36.00 - Mark

1) Go cycling.
The leaves are finally turning colors (a week too late for Autumn Leaves Festival) and the area is absolutly stunning. I really need to take my bike out and explore.

2) Go camping.
Its been over 6 months. I'm really joneing. I think there's a big event at the end of the month. Not ideal, but at least its out of doors.

3) Get off of blogspot
The content part of the interweb is going crazy because of slogs, most of them at blogspot. Now that the comment spam is starting to find me I don't have a good reason not to move. Domain, hosting, motivation. Well some motivation. I'm not thrilled about moving a 1300 post blog to a new bloging system, but for what I like doing, I need to get off blogger.

4) Catch up on the DVD collection.
I've got 4 or 5 DVDs that I own and have yet to watch. I blame new media. Too many podcasts/vlogs.

5) Sniff Solder Fumes
Its been all too long since I've build an electronics project. I have a couple neet ideas and some therotical circuits I've started designing. I should finish those and place an order at digikey.

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