12.41.00 - Mark

To anyone coming here because of the Mount Airy News column, here's some links to more information on Converge South: (links open in a new window)

Converge South Homepage
Technorati: Blogs tagged Converge South
Google Blog search for Converge South
Photos from Converge South

Greensboro 101 covers news events in Greensboro, has a good list of bloggers in Greensboro, ending about a week ago, links to a lot of outside coverage of Converge South.
NCBlogs.com tracks many of the active blogs within the state, as a whole as well as regions. It's a great example of how much blogging goes on in the state.

Blogger.com is a free blogging service owned by google, and is fine for anyone interested in starting a blog.

Anyone who has questions about blogs, podcasts or videoblogs, or wants some help starting a blog or a website (I've created several local websites) is welcome and encouraged to leave a comment on the blog, or to send me an email at mark@mountairync.net.

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