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23.43.00 - Mark

This has been a weird week, between Converge and the FBI thing. I've posted several thousand words of original content, which I love doing, but it always makes it that much harder to slip back into the casual blog form. Partially because original content is so many levels above what I usual post, and partially because of the increase in traffic. I don't have perfect numbers, but in the last 8 days I've received more traffic than in the (approximately) 8 weeks before that.

I expect surges of traffic when I post and publicize a static write that up I may spend the better part of a day (or) getting up, but the few times that surge has happened to this scratchpad of a blog, where any given post has less than a 2 hour investment, well its tough to go back to the random mental exercises that make up most of the blog.

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