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16.50.00 - Mark

A lot of people keep bringing up the point that Bush's Approval Ratings are under 40%, and have been falling over the last few weeks. I am by no means a fan of the Bush Administration, but what does that really say. Several presidents have had their approval ratting dip below 40%, Nixon was around 25% when he resigned, and had been under 40% for over a year before he resigned. (source) Of corse he was in danger of impeachment, an issue that hasn't come up for Bush - yet. Harry Truman dropped to as low as 25%, and also stayed in for a year before his replacement was elected and sworn in. Carter stayed in for about a year and a half after he slipped under 40%.

While the fact that Presidents keep their heads low between that 40% mark and the end of their presidency is encouraging, look at the current alternatives. The only good thing Cheney has done as Vice President has been staying out of the office and staying in "Undisclosed Locations". The rest of the succession list doesn't look much better. With inept Democrats and all but non-existent 3rd parties, I'm inclined to let the Republicans screw themselves. Of course we'll see what the next year or so brings...

Assorted Sources
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Preelection approval ratings
Chart of Presidential approval ratings since Carter

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