Deep Dish Pizza

15.06.00 - Mark

Deep Dish Pizza
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There are many great things about North Carolina. The famous southern hospitality thing, the comfort foods, the diverse environment - Iowa never had mountains. But there is one thing I deeply miss about the midwest though, and that's Pizza. I would love to be wrong but I don't think there is such a thing as a great pizza south of the Mason-Dixon line. Sure there are some decent chains, but none of them started in the South, and the few local places I've tried are only marginally better. I've had pizza since moving here, usually Papa John's since its the only edible chain in town, and visited California Pizza Kitchen a while back, neither of those however, is able to come close to the nirvana induced by a Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza. Not that thing chains try to sell as deep dish - I'm talking about thick crusts holding in a mount of chunky toppings at least an inch deep and swimming in sauce. That is pizza.

Pizza Country gets some blame for the craving, watching the pizza photos they've posted has been regularly causing salivation, but at least one of the tips they've posted helped me make the pizza to the right (plus two more). One of those, a couple bottles of cold Bawls, and some classic rock made for a great start to fall break.

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