Stupid Security Practices

10.57.00 - Mark

The community college I'm taking classes at provides a free email account for all of its 5000 some current students. I think most of them are unaware of it, or simply don't bother (I've got 5 emails, who needs a 6th thats going to expire in 4 months) but the reason I mention this is that each semester they reset it, somewhat pointlessly, and give everyone the same password. last semester it was Jeopardy, this semester its resolute. Now a month after the semester started we're being told to "change our passwords so no one can access our emails and steal our account" That's from the people managing the distance education systems (email and user accounts) I wonder if the shear stupidity of the practices occur to her and the rest of the IT staff...

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J. Star - 11:17:00 / 2005.10.10 #

That is, as one might say, beyond asinine...

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