15.38.00 - Mark

Stupid laptop battery. 12 months ago I was getting 3 solid hours of battery life, more if I wasn't doing anything more than text based stuff in memory, and for months I was getting somewhere around 2 to 3 hours. Sometime in the last month or so my battery life has dropped to virtually nil. I'm surfing, which means I was amassing a pile of browser tabs to be read after the news skimming and I get the battery life warning. OK I have 6 minutes left and even if I push that it will drop to sleep. Or so I though. 2 minutes later it shuts down. I loose all my open tabs (because some boneheaded engineer at apple decided that safari doesn't need to save sessions) and even Net News Wire, which is usually pretty good about these things, forgets the last 20 minutes of surfing.

I'm not so pissed off about the battery life. Its lit-ion which means the chemical breakdown is going to be pretty substantial after 12-18 months (which is where I'm at). I'm fine with that. My problem is with how its handling the low power. The normal behavior of sleeping is fine with me. Shutting down is not. Don't know what my final point is, partially because I've written this post in three parts, and partially because I don't have a suggestion on how to fix it, but its still irritating as hell.

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