Bush Wacked

08.21.00 - Mark

I'm not thrilled about Bush's Supreme Court Nominations. I don't think any president with a less than 50% approval rating has any business making life term nominations that will impact this nation for the next 30 or 40 years. Yes they need to be approved by congress, but they're proven many many times that they are not above being bought out. I'm not sure John Roberts was put under enough scrutiny, and certainly should not have been allowed to pass associate and go directly to Chief. Harriet Miers is similarly concerning. At first look Bush is nominating a crony who has been around him for 15-20 years, and who has a lot more experience in the legislative and executive branches than in the justice department. Furthermore I'm not a fan of religiosity in government, Bush's description of her was full of it (disclaimer I did not hear all of it) and while her part didn't mention religion, it had a lot of that feel good stuff like love and family that gets to the religious types. I'll listen, but I'm not putting a lot of faith into either Bush nomination.

It will be interesting to see the blogs when I get home in a few hours.

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