Corrupted Officials

18.16.00 - Mark

If we were going to line up the politicians in Washington, and start shooting them, George Bush and Orrin Hatch would be tied to get the first bullet. Bush might have started a war, lied to the public, and done all manner of stupid things, but somehow I think Orrin Hatch, is just as if not more corrupt. Senators and Congressmen should probably be held to a higher standard that which ever dweeb the political system lets sneak into the oval office, because they're supposed to be representatives of the people. Now I know that I'm not in Utah, but this corrupted slime ball acts as the representative of every major lobbying group. RIAA, MPAA, BSA (Business Software Alliance), Wine (not that I have anything against wine) tobbacco, gambling, and who knows what else. While money isn't exactly a perfect indicator of ones corruption, its a good start. Its a good finish too when the money you're accepting goes against all your religious beliefs and doesn't come close to benifiting your state, as is the case with Orrin Hatch, a serious public enemy.

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