Back to my not so normal self

05.03.00 - Mark

Pre-dawn Lounging
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I've picked up a dozen some hours of quality sleep, so I'm no longer suffering from Gully Foyle mixed up sense syndrome. I woke up around 4, picked up a breakfast of last nights Beef and Mushroom Stroganoff, a mug of hot chocolate, while passing on leftover german potato salad. I check some of my RSS feeds, making not that apparently everyone of my favorite bloggers had posted reviews of Serenity after having seen it at midnight showings. I clear out of lot of the others, but I'll hold off on serious reading for a few hours. Having finished my electic breakfast, and not wanting to stare at my laptop for a few hours, I turn on the TV only to realize that the only thing on are those misserably stupid infomercials designed to place victims into a sleep like state, yet leave they cogent enough to call in orders for the cheap plastic products they're hawking. Not wanting to fall prey to the sirens call, I turn to my iPod where waiting for me is the latest issue of Escape Pod, my favorite Science Fiction Audio Magazine, looks like this one is biopunk, so I tune in, and drop into a predawn hammock, that, as always, is supprisingly comfortable.

Like I said, I'm back- to my not so normal self...

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