There are no Mac Viruses

11.09.00 - Mark

One of the greatest things about being a Mac user is that I don't need to run an antivirus program and sweep for spyware thirty thousand times a day, because there are next to no Mac viruses. Thats not to say there are aren't and exploits, and it's not to say that there isn't malware out there, because well there is. There are in fact Mac Viruses, but there are under 40 of them and pretyt much all of them arn't the networked malware we typically define as a virus. For Mac users not running excessivly strange applications, and being mindful of your documents is usualy enough to keep your system happy (trust me, if there is ever a wide spread/propragating Mac virus that does more than display some stupid pop up, you will hear about it)

Now I can pretty easily explain that on a one to one basis but convincing the mass media is something else, as the guys at Macslash and Wil Shipley can atest to. News outlets refuse to belive/publish the phrase "There are no viruses for Mac OS X" so Wil Shipley, formerly of Omnigroup and now of Delicious Monster (read one really smart guy) is offering a bounty to anyone who can prove that there has in fact been an in-the-wild virus that has infected a default installation of OS X (any flavor) as of a couple days ago.

I'm glad he's doing this, and if there was a way to chip into the pot I probably would, but what seems to be going over the heads of most geeks is that this is not a vius writting contest. If you read the post and then read the comments/offsite commentary (ie those at Digg.com) its mind boggling to see how many people are intrupting "This is research, I want you to prove that its been done" as "lets write a virus, get some cash, and maybe a job with Delicious Monster".

People are stupid. Most of them at least.

Back to waiting to see if NerdTV is release by noon so I can DL it at school.

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