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16.37.02 - Mark

Mayberry Days Squad Car
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Its that time of year again. Time to break out the vending trailers, hang the local banners and raise the flag of Mayberry. Its Mayberry Days again in Mount Airy North Carolina (home to Andy Griffith and inspiration for Mayberry) This little weekend festival was dreamt up several years before I arrived in NC, but in an area where the textile based industry disappeared overnight, tourism is a powerful catalyst for economic recovery, especially when an area has direct access to a friendly cult-like following like the Fans of Mayberry.

Last year we had thousands of Andy Griffith and Mayberry Fans come running into town to see the man himself and while its unreasonable to expect that turn out again this year (no Andy) there are still plenty of people packing into the local hotels and restaurants from all over the country.

After class today I went wandering around downtown with my new camera and snapped a few shots which I just uploaded a few to my flickr account I'd say that there are at least 100 people out this afternoon and considering that it's 96 degF and 2PM on a friday afternoon, that's a pretty good turnout. I'll likely walk around again this evening or tomorrow and see if the crowds grow, and I'm sure it will.

Mayberry Days is the first of two major fall festivals for the area, and the larger of the two, Autumn Leaves, will start in a few weeks as the trees start shedding their leaves for reasons other than a lack of moisture. I'll probably enjoy that one a lot more (plenty of food and larger masses of people)

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Stephanie - 23:44:00 / 2005.09.24 #

I say you get good Karma points for just dealing with all of these old people. good for you :)

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