01.18.00 - Mark

I was going to post about how some of the lessons learned from Katrina are already being applied to Rita, then throw a low blow at FEMA and the Bush Administration, but it took 30 minutes to load the blogger interface. Now I know why - its because I have a series of legal video files downloading/seeding on my linux box (nerdtv, and systm). Supposedly this is a "broadband connection" labeled DSL but in reality its glorified always on dialup. I know I ranted on this the other day but real broadband is at least 3Mbps unmetered with no upload/download caps (European standard), and the cutting edge stuff in South East Asia is 10Mbps now, and they're looking at 1Gbps in urban areas by the end of the decade. The flaky service that my ISP is calling broadband is billed 256kbps, and has a combined throughput cap that is simply put annoying as hell.

I understand that there are some technical and bureaucratic difficulties, and I understand that I'm not the average consumer but damned it, I want real broadband, not this glorified POTS connection. And Sprint I know damned well you're the only people limiting me to 256kbps, a flick of a switch and I could see a 6x speed bump, and it wouldn't cost you a single cent more than my current connection.

At least they aren't blocking ports like some asshat ISPs (which would really tick me off).

Before anyone criticizes me for being a spoiled bandwidth junkie, I remember surfing AOL in the middle of the night with a long distance 9600bps connection, as well as years at or below 56k POTS.

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