I'm a statistic!

21.12.00 - Mark

As best as I can figure I was part of the most recent CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll. What perturbed me is that 1) they recognize two political parties (guess which two), 2) they barely recognize non-christian religions, and 3) even after you've finish the poll they won't (or can't) tell you who sponsored the poll or what its for. I've taken the damned poll, I'm not going to change my answers. Anyways between those questions combined with the processed answers, and listening to this IT Conversation on how southeast asia is kicking our ass in terms of science and technology I'm partially ignoring John F. Kennedy's suggestion that I ask what I can do for my country and instead am asking some things of it.

I'm sure there are some more things I would like from my country, but if you start working on this list, I'll see about working on yours.

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