Dude, You ordered from Dell

13.38.00 - Mark

I usually hate Dell on all counts. The products they build are junk, the advertising campaigns are annoyingly unimaginative, I've heard countless horror stories about their technical support, the Dell mall kiosks are staffed by useless flesh pylons, and their website is painful to look at, let alone navigate. However last week I did manage to navigate it (or rather found a deal site that did most of the navigation for me) and ordered a Canon SD300 ultra compact digital camera (read: the size of an altoids/penguin mints tin) for some obscenely great price (nearly $100 off Amazon's price). The fact that it is last generation certainly played into it but screw it. Its still a decent digital camera for a great price (and if I don't like it I can sell it off for a profit and get a newer one)

However to get away from the fact that it was a great price (one credit to dell) Dell Ships fast I ordered late Thursday night, received order confirmation Friday morning, got the memory card Saturday and the Camera this morning. That was free shipping too, not overnight or otherwise expedited. I'm happy (which means I'll be writing an Educational and/or Political post in a while)

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