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10.57.00 - Mark

I'm slowing working on getting my linux box set up to work as a server in additon to all the other fun duties I'm trying to assign it. I'd be working on it right now but when I was opening ports, I told it to open FTP ports, which would be fine - except I'm running SFTP, which runs on another port.

Connection Failed

If I was sufficently motivated I could probably get into my router settings and be able to open the right port, but no, not worth the effort, I'm not even sure I could propperly boot strap my way into the network on the handful of ports that are open.

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With nothing to do, I'm sitting in class sitting in the umpteen-thousandth lecutre on how to code HTML (some thing I can just about do in my sleep) Some people in the class need it (most don't) so I'm being quite, feeling my brain try to temporarly shut down enough high level neurological pathways to lull me to sleep. When I get home, I won't fight it. Sprawling out in the hammock and taking a nap in the warm September sun sounds real good right now.

You wouldn't believe how many senseless typos I've made while cassually typing out this post.

Connection Failed

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