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10.10.00 - Mark

Google Blog Search Beta Cool, but if there isn't already, there needs to be an opt out for reasons like this.

I'm fine with being indexed (yes I'm in there), the ones that show my genius along side the dumb ones I would probably delete if I wasn't so lazy, however I'm fully aware of the searches, try to keep tabs on what information I let slip out, and dopn't post about any illegal things I'm obviously not doing (keep in mind that everything is illegal to some degree somewhere)

But not everyone is as savvy as I and most other bloggers are. Some people like the linked example above clearly aren't aware of the public nature of websites and blogs and therefore treat it like a private journal. More so on the free sites and services like blogger and livejournal that allow a limited ammount of control to the users, and none at all when it comes to server files, like robots.txt and .htaccess.

Google Powered Blog Search Engine Good. Technorati can get pretty damned slow
Google Powered Blog Search Engine that doesn't have a way to opt in or opt out of the index - bad, and I foresee a sotorm of activity over it in the coming days.

Update 4:19PM : Opps. Had I not been in class when I posted I probably would not have looked at the the Google Blog Search FAQ which among other things explains how to opt out. What sort of perturbs me is the lack of indexing of no feed blogs. There are a lot (although diminishing number) of worthwhile blogs that don't use RSS or Atom. I can get the logic - most goofing off type of users don't enable rss , at least at blogger. However the ones that aren't aware of a feed that might have been enabled and don't want to search need to mess around with template settings and similar "techie things" So I was wrong, but I might not be completly wrong. Besides, its hard to go a week without seeing something along the lines of google must be stopped...

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