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17.55.18 - Mark

Young Deer by the Road
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This is a pretty much unprecedented sort of gooey feel good post. Considering how bad things seem to be in our country I'll just play the dissident card, this country needs some feel good content about now. So...

I'm constantly surprised by the region I live in, and today is no exception. It's the middle of September and 93 degree. Despite what many would call painfully high temps (get over it people, you can't control the weather) its been a pretty pleasant day. It, combined with the clusterfuck of a situation on the southern coast it makes me glad that I'm in the situation I am. Despite all my problems with High School University, I'm still learning (I think) and the load isn't that heavy. I'm close to my family and we've not scraping by to survive. I've got some good friends distributed as they may be and I live in a beautiful area that can come up with pleasant surprises, like wandering dear and comfortable 90 degree September days.

I'm having fun playing with linux and there are a sting of movies that I'm looking forward as well as new seasons of some of my favorite shows. I'm feeling good about myself, and I hope everyone can find something to be not be miserable about. These times seem to require it.

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