Damn You Los Angeles

17.51.00 - Mark

For the unaware, LA has been hit by major blackout this afternoon. Normally this would not concern me because frankly I'm in North Carolina 3000 miles away.

Except my hosting provider is in Los Angeles.

and their network is down.

so my websites and a handful of my email accounts are down

And the guy behind Majdelene.com was just trying to show off the site. One of the affected sites being served in LA

He's pretty understanind, but ya know. I don't like getting phone calls about problems. Especially when they're problems I can't do anything about (and was mildly caught off gaurd by)

I'd be more pissed but I got one of my rebate checks 6 weeks earlier than expected (Seagate rules), my latest batch of comic books shipped today, I'm listning to some great music by Michelle Malone (the 2 cds I ordered from her site arrived today) and I'm loving the If Goths Ruled contest over at worth1000.com.

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