17.50.00 - Mark

A friend offered me a ride down to the Shelby Hamfest a while back, and I took it up today. I got back a little while ago and managed not to do too much damage to my wallet, barely more than $100 worth actually, a fact made more amazing when I list everythign I picked up, Like a black and white wireless camera, battery charger and 8 NiMH batteries, a couple computer cables, some assorted food items, an old newton eMate300, oh and a brand new-in-box 512MB iPod Shuffle.

If you read closely (because I specifically wrote it in there) and you happen to be an Apple Geek your jaw probbaly dropped at the emate 300, even if you aren't into the old Apple Newton gear your jaw should have dropped at the iPod shuffle.

I don't know of any place other than a hamfest that I could have purchased everything I did for as little as I did. $15 wireless security camera (I seem them regularly for $25 + shipping) $25 eMate (its a freakin' eMate!) $$20 for batteries and a charger, and the most amazing part $50 for the iPod Shuffle! This goes for $100 new 50% off (and $20 less than he was asking no less!). My friend (who would like to see me get into Ham radio) treated me to some food and admission, but even if I had to pay that my bargins would have easily made up for it. If I was more into ham radio, or serious electronics I'm sure I would have apperciated more of what was there, but it is in no uncertain terms an amazing event. If you like Radio, Broadcast, Computers, Electronics, Military Surplus or just some amazing deals. Go To A Ham Fest. Period.

I don't know what could possibly get me off this buzz ruight now.

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