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20.37.55 - Mark

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I needed to put a few gallons into the car tonight, and decided (like nearly everyone else in town) to wait in line at the only station still advertising gas for less than $3 (2.89, 2.99, and 3.09) Perfect waste of time. By the time I got there the 2.89 pumps had been dry for hours and the 2.99 go-go juice had just been taped out. The guy closing the pumps said there had been lines dozens of cars long all day today and yesterday (they apparently ran out yesterday as well). What they may be loosing by keeping the price down, they've got to be making up for in volume. There's another picture of the gas line on my flickr account

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ME - 16:15:00 / 2005.09.03 #

You Should've checked out the USA Today front page yesterday - a pic of a gas station sign with $5.97 on it and a report of 6.19 at one station (both were in GA)- I'm so glad I live on campus this semester!!!

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