15.43.00 - Mark

I'm trolling away on Neuromancer (the Linux Sandbox/MythTV system/additional server) but as I'm spending more time across several systems I'm starting to take use of social bookmarking service Del.icio.us. I've been doing some crude tagging on Trilobe (my iBook, which I've fainlly gotten around to naming and customizing UI elements, I couldn't think of anything more appropriate as it really is an extention of my brain, furthermore Trilobe sounded really cool, like a supprisingly advanced lifeform for its timeperiod) and played with the idea of coding up a local versionbut why? Its online and widely used so I may as well. Here's the account for anyone interested. Some of the stuff I've stowed there include some amazing fractal backgrounds, an essay on athesim, and a podcast that deals with hyper-localized news coverage. I'm hoping to get around to doing a blog template redesign (how many times have I said that) and move both it and the mac.com homepage to a single domain. If I get to conceptualizing and coding the new design I think I'll try to incorporate the del.icio.us links into the side menu, cuz the 100+ archive links is really gettin' long (who'da thunk I would have kept this going so stong. I was looking back on it today and I'm sort of amazed at how the length of my posts has been growing over the years)

Anyways redesigns are later, I want to get back to configuring Neromancer (technically, I can argure that its a homework assignment :) )

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