Prison Break

22.07.00 - Mark

Fox looks like it has a neat new show on its hands with Prison Break, but it seems like an odd choice. If you can't quite figure it out from the title the (primary) plot revolves about breaking out of prison. Complex eh? There's actually a lot more to it, always enjoyable conspiracy theories, rampant killings, and half a dozen developing sub-plots that make sure you can't possibly miss 10 minutes of any single episode. In other words the basic TV Drama formula that makes up the current TV landscape. Thats not to slam it in any way, for now, I'm hooked, and if its any sign of the Fox fall lineup I'm going to look at some of the other shows (I'll be returning for House and the increasingly outrageous 24).

But here's what gets me. How exactly are they going to extend this past the 26 or so episodes that make up a season, or did Fox sign up a one season show? I wouldn't put it past Fox, they are generally indecisive when it comes to programming. However it looks like Prison Break is developing the foundation for a hyperlong story arch (past 2 to 3 episodes to entire seasons) and a very strong following. So if it takes off how is Fox going to keep bringing in an audience (coming into a hyperarched show mid-arch is damned near impossible) and more importantly how are they going to make it last more than a single season?

I look forward to the season, but I also look forward to seeing how they make this potentially good thing last longer than the visible shelf life.

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