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09.49.00 - Mark

Google is shifting around some of its layouts, I've been noticing it for a week or so where they would include a sort of expanded search for the first hit (Screenshot). I haven't thought alot about it but there are certainly cases where it makes sense. However one of the last search I ran (for django) just came up with a multiple search. (Screenshot) Sort of reminds me of Google Suggest, minus the suggest interface.

It's thrown me off balance. As far as I can remember, this is the first significant change to Google's result page (by google at least) ever. I guess they added the sponsored links and adwords at some point but those are more formatting, and generally easy to ignore, but having suggested searches in the middle of the page is a very significant change. I wonder what the feedback on the is (or is going to be - I haven't checked the RSS feeds in a couple days)

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