Next on the chopping block, Democrats

19.12.00 - Mark

Resaon 573 I luv this state, if they don't like your beliefs, they don't exist. As far as the state is concerned the Koran does not exist, Scientific theroy does not exist, quality education and school do not exist, and as of this week the Libritarian Party does not exist.

Anyone who saw some of my posts during Aug, Sept, Nov 04 know that in the face of Bush, Kerry and the other Republicrats I voted for 3rd party candidates, specifically Badnarik. Not that there were any other 3rd party candidates as NC has some of the toughest ballot access laws on earth. When November 2nd came around and the polls were tallied one item of note is that in the whole of the United States NC has a 3rd party candidate win a county.

Anyways News reports and blog coverage.

Iraq had 17 party candidates running for president in their first free election. We've had hundreds of them and for some reason we can't get past two.

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ME - 22:35:00 / 2005.08.25 #

Hey Mark, I'm back - I should start posting again as soon as I am connected to the network in the dorm room. -- By the way your spleineg si rritbel ni het frits praahgprh!

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